Bluestream Database Software Corp—a provider of DITA-enabled Component Content Management System (CCMS) solutions—is pleased to announce that Bluestream CTO Jim Tivy will be presenting at the 2015 Content Management Strategies/DITA North America conference in Chicago, help
Illinois on Tuesday, April 12.

The 3-day annual conference is hosted by the Center for Information Development Management and is billed as “the premier content management event of the year,” with “stimulating presentations in four tracks.”

This year, Jim Tivy will be presenting in the emerging technologies track about “Release management with DITA content,”

In a multiple product release environment, product releases may be happening in sequence or in parallel. Managing the documentation that accompanies product releases requires tool features and underlying technologies that allow the separation of content as well as the ability to share content from one release to another. Furthermore, the release management of content has to be presented in an understandable fashion.

Jim will discuss common release management use cases while considering diversity across organizations. Taking those use cases, he will explore release management tools and technology solutions including release management features in DITA 1.2 and new features in the upcoming release of DITA 1.3.

You can learn more about the 2015 CMS/DITA NA conference on the conference website.
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Bluestream is a founding member of the W3C XQuery Working Group and a participant in other open standards organizations like the OASIS DITA Technical Committee.

10. Interoperability

Bluestream is a firm supporter of initiatives by industry organizations (W3C, IEEE, IMS, and ASA) and private consortiums promoting interoperability standards.


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