Information Modeling

If you are moving into topic-based authoring using the DITA standard and/or implementing a Content Management System, dosage see the CIDM primer on Information Modeling.

CIDM Primer on Information Modelling

DITA Conversion

When it comes to converting your current documents to DITA, capsule Jacquie Samuels provides a succinct discussion of what’s involved in this article in TechWhirl.

Converting Documents to DITA

DITA Authoring

Getting Started — DITA Style Guide of Best Practices from Tony Self and published by Oxygen is good reference for getting started in DITA authoring.

DITA Style Guide of Best Practices

Working with DITA 1.2 — When you are working in DITA, global burden of disease OASIS has a handy quick reference guide to all DITA 1.2 Elements.

DITA 1.2 Elements

About DITA 1.3 — If you want to learn more about the draft DITA 1.3 specification, you can see this nicely rendered publication from Suite Solutions.

DITA 1.3 Draft Overview

DITA and Translation

This article discusses the role DITA plays in globalizing your content. It also has links to discussions around practices for authors and content managers.

Globalizing Your Content


XDocs uses the DITA OT for publishing. For more information about the DITA OT, see the documentation

DITA OT Documentation


As we find more, linkable useful resources, we will add them to this page.

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