Cost centre or competitive advantage?

Turn your content from cost centre into competitive advantage

It starts with a process
The XDocs Component Content Management System (CCMS) provides software solutions to meet all of your technical documentation challenges.


Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) allows you to increase consistency, pills
avoid duplication, expedite content updates, save on translation costs and time, capitalize on single source publishing, and more. DITA is supported system-wide in XDocs throughout content creation, content management, translation, publication, and into the next cycle.


XDocs supports collaboration starting with a robust server and enterprise CMS and includes features and modules for all your stakeholders to efficiently find content and perform their tasks. XDococs has strong security features that allow you to easily control who is accessing which content system-wide. The XDocs CCMS comfortably accommodates distributed work teams for global operations.


The XDocs Localization module helps you minimize costs to create, manage, and deliver your content to your global audiences—and to repeat the cycles. The Localization module helps deliver on e DITA promise of lowering translation costs by allowing you to send out only modified content for translation. This also makes for a faster translation turnaround and reduces time to market.

Version management

Content management often requires that we maintain past versions of content concurrently with new versions of content. XDocs includes many features to help you manage versions, publish d export content as of any date, manage links, and more.

Content delivery

Your customers require access the latest, approved content on any device. XDocs created the new Knowledge Base to increase the speed of content delivery with an automated pull of approved content from the production server to the Knowledge Base. Your customers can search, browse, find, and share your knowledge assets faster and more efficiently in HTML, PDF, and other formats.


Your internal and external stakeholders need to quickly find the content that they are looking for. XDocs has many features to support content delivery and features such as extended metadata d multi-facet browse, custom search design, and more to help audiences locate content.


XDocs allows you to track content and progress with reports on content, workflows, publishing, translation needs, and more.

Additionally, Bluestream can support you on along the way with consulting, training, implementation, customization, and continuing support.